Handicraft Tour Isfahan

Isfahan one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. Isfahan knows as a center of handicrafts in Iran.
Kalamkari means hand-painting or block-printing on cotton cloths. You can find Isfahan kalamkari table covers in most Iranian houses. In the Isfahan Handicraft tour, we are going to learn more about Kalamkari and Isfahan art.
Handicraft tour is organized in one of the Isfahan bazaar workshops. The atmosphere of the workshop is full of the good feeling of traditional kalamkari shops.
we are going to craft our Kalamkari table cloths by block painting. all the process of kalamkari is shown and trying hard to be sure you can understand how kalamkari clothes are made.
In the end, you can have your own made Kalamkari table cloths as a souvenir to your city. It’s one of our famous tours and participates has a very good time on this experiential tour.

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